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Hey! You somehow managed to find my website. Enjoy!.. I guess. I'm pretty much just going to put whatever I want here. Probably just my cat. Anyway, enjoy my website.

Sometimes some stuff here will be made or suggested by my friends (Bobi, Nooami, etc.). Said pages should usually have some sort of disclaimer.

If you find any spelling mistakes or bugs here, please tell me. I has bads grmr.

(Bobi made that logo btw)


Last Day of School

Then I'll have more time to look at memes!

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Most of those are optional. Most of them.


Comments? Suggestions? Death threats? Send them to me!

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Discord Username: Aviboi#4410
Skype Username: Mr. Lulu
Email: adreyer@ssdsbergen.org


I'll post something here whenever I add something (Most of the time.).












IT'S ME BURTHDAY! Now I have the power to get out of any punishment! "What's that you said? I have to go to jail? Nope! It's my birthday! Doesn't matter if stabbing is illegal!" "Sir, get in the car." "Okay."

Due to it being my birthday, I have changed some things to make the homepage a bit more festive. Some of these things include:


T-1 day until My Birthday!!!!


T-2 days until My Birthday!!!


As many of you probably guessed, I am not vegan and probably never will be. It was still fun to mess with people though. Happy April Fools!

T-3 days until My Birthday!!


T-4 days until My Birthday!


P.S. My Birthday is getting dangerously close, only less 5 days left!


Whoa! That's a lot of content! I had a bunch of free time today, so I just barfed out some new junk for you guys .






Sorry I haven't been updating this site much. I just have a lot of school stuff. Also, I've kinda been procrastinating with the Choose Your Own Adventure, It's just hard to make all the links to them and make the text interesting. I'll keep you posted when I add new stuff again.


Attention: If anybody wants to make some pictures that I could use in the Choose Your Own Adventure, It would be greatly appreciated. Bobi recently made one for the one of the pages and it looks great. Doesn't have to be anything fancy, just something useable. It doesn't really matter which page it's for, but I would rather the picture be on a visually descriptive page. If you have a picture, email it to me at adreyer@ssdsbergen.org


Over the couple of months I have had this website, I have noticed that many of the things I put here are copy-pastas. A copy-pasta is when something long, like a movie script or bunch of characters, is copied and pasted for comedic effect. This gives it the name copy-pasta, copy-pasta being a play on the phrase copy and paste. Though these may be funny, I have realized that they don't really add anything to the website that is meaningful. Take for example the A.D.G.N.C.E. The A.G.N.C.E. has a lot of usefull information for people who like computers that is hard to find somewhere else. Copy-Pastas, however, kind of just clog up the navigation bar. This has led me to make an arrangment. I would rather not delete all of them, because they're kinda funny and I think some people enjoy them. So instead, I'm just going to move all of them to the "Stupid Copy-Pastas" page, just like I moved all my computer-related things to A.D.G.N.C.E. TLDR: All copy-pastas now on the "Stupid Copy-Pastas" page.



Today is Pi Day! Eat your pie and recite those digits. Everybody says it was Einstein's birthday, but I doubt the accuracy of that statement, because how would someone who's related to pie just happen to have a birthday on Pi Day? Lies, I tell you! Lies!





Hi. This is a serious post, so no funny buisness. I'm sorry I haven't been putting up a lot of things, it's just that I've been going through some rough stuff (No pun intended.). Today, my dog and best friend Ernie just died. We got him right after I was born, so I can't remember a time without him. He was pretty old and had cataracts and some warts, but he was a good dog. This morning all of a sudden he just went stiff and started breathing heavily. The cat went up to him and just started meowing, scratching him, as if he knew what was happening. And he was gone. My family, we didn't know what to do. The animal hospital closest to us was closed, so we had to call a different place to cremate him. So we just covered him and waited. We were waiting there for about an hour and a half for the cremation people to come. That hour and a half was so excrutiating. Eventually, the people came and took him to be cremated. He was old and sick, and we knew he was going to go soon. It was just so sudden. And Mr. Lulu, he kept meowing, like he was trying to wake him up. Like he was just asleep. Sorry this post is so sad, I just needed to get this off my chest and it wouldn't feel right not to acknowledge it. Rest in peace, little bro.



Note: Sorry if I'm being a little strict here with privacy. It's just that I would rather play it safe with personal info. If people would rather have more personal info I'll add it in.





Ok, a lot happened today. Early in the morning, I was still half asleep and accidentally deleted this site. I know, stupid Aviboi. But the link to the website still showed the website like it was before it was deleted. So, I could copy the text and just add the tags and css. I restored the website (after an hour and a half) and also added some new stuff.



After testing out different websites, I have concluded that code.org is the best place for me to put my website, at least for now. This is because code.org automaticaly updates my website every time I add something new. However, if I ever want to add audio, video, or Javascript, I need to use another site called Mozilla Thimble. For now, I will mainly use code.org, but if I want to add video to a page, I'll make the link go to a Mozzilla Thimble page. There is a catch though, Mozilla Thimble has a limit on how much stuff you can put on it, while code.org doesn't. So eventually, i'll have too much stuff on Mozilla Thimble and I won't be able to add anymore video. But this will probably take a while. TLDR: Website mainly on code.org, using Mozilla Thimble for pages with video.